Monday, 23 November 2009

Enjoy Photography

People that know me know by now that I love to take photographs. Every morning when I take Lucy out for her walk my camera and a lens comes with us. This morning I took my 50mm lens and decided to take some close ups of all the local funghi that is about. While Lucy is running about i'm searching for something to take a photograph of.All photos tell a story. Sometimes it might not look a great photo and you might wonder why I take certain photos, like this one for example. This photo was taken at one of our local heaths and is one of Lucy's favourite places. The photo shows the big open meadow that she runs about chasing rabbits and pheasants. Its on a hill and every now and then she disappears from sight and then reappears, usually in a totally different direction!!!! Its nice to have a visual memory of something that I'm sure to forget in the years to come.

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