Monday, 26 October 2009

The Weekend

The weekend zoomed by again! Saturday was spent doing mundane things like going to the supermarket, The Range, Staples etc. Sunday was spent tidying my craft room at long last. I still had Kim's shelves and boxes full of her stuff from when we decorated her bedroom months and months ago that she hadn't sorted out so Sunday was the day. I share the craft room with a couple of ladders (don't ask!!!) and a vacuum cleaner so not much room in there really but after a good tidy and sort out looks alot better. One day I will get round to painting it a nice lighter colour and would love some Ikea expedit shelves and have storage all matching. One day.
Yesterday afternoon we took Lucy for a walk to one of our newer places that we found, it was around 3.30pm and as the clocks went back Saturday night it was starting to get dull. I just said this is the ideal place for owls - theres a barn, water, fields - and then we saw one!! A lovely barn owl looking for his dinner. He was across the other side of a field from us so abit too far away for good photos but he was out hunting for ages. We are going to go back and set ourselves up in a better spot sometime this week and hopefully get that 'ideal' owl photo I'm after.
Well all my chores are done. Kim has gone into the city with her friends clothes shopping, Alex has gone to his girlfriends so its just me and Lucy, again!!! Going to have my lunch - fresh picked home grown tomato sandwiches and go and mess up my tidy craft room!!!

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