Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Been a very lax blogger lately, so here are a few photos to show you. No scrapping. No crafting. Just photos.

Sunday Neil and I drive out to Salhouse Broad and had a walk round there, it was very busy with loads of holidaymakers and it got out really hot. Thank goodness for the Ice Cream Boat! What a great idea that is.
Bank Holiday Monday we went to Pensthorpe again. I love it there, so many things to take photos of. Neil bought me a pass for a year so I can now go whenever I like for free. Great place to practise using your camera and a great coffee shop.
Yesterday Kim and I went to the hairdressers/beauty salon. I had my hair wash, cut and blow dried. As you can see from the photo these are natural curls!!! Kim and I then had our eyebrows waxed! Never had them waxed before and it wasn't too bad. We then drove into the city and did abit of shopping, managed to get Kim some trousers for school and then we went to see my Nan for a little while. Then home to do the ironing!!!
I am off in a while to go have lunch with a friend, got a Buy One Get One Free on a Lunchtime Carvery so going to make the most of it!!! Although better not eat too much as today I got into a Size 12 pair of jeans and a Size 12 t-shirt so I am mega pleased! The diet has gone adrift during the holidays sometimes but back on it 100% next Monday, need to lose some more.

Heres a photo of Alex holding his sheet of exam results. Bribed him with another bar of chocolate!

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