Monday, 7 September 2009

Day Out

Yesterday Neil and I took Kimberley and her friend Shannon to Holkham Beach. They are both doing Art GCSE and needed some photos of the sea, clouds, sands etc. We took Lucy who had a great time running around after everyone.

Today both kids went back to school. Alex had to leave just after 7.30am to catch the bus at 7.55 to go to his first lesson. He came home seeming to have got on okay and was pleased that his RE/Philosophy class might actually turn into two A Levels which means he would sit five after the two years of 6th Form are up. His Philosophy teacher also said that if they had an extra hours lesson per week in RE/Philosophy they might be able to sit the Cambridge Entrance Exam!!!! He seems really keen on this so a good start so far. Kimberley had a 'boring' day!!!
Still not much crafting! I did tidy my craft room and sort some things out ready to do some this week and played around with some photos on Photoshop, again!!! Had work today, same old, same old. New Head Teacher, couple new dinner ladies.

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