Sunday, 13 September 2009

Crazy Week

Been a hectic first week back at school for both kids but especially Alex. He had to cope with a different timetable, when he eventually got one on the Monday as they weren't ready when he got there! He's had to get used to busing to different classes and of course different teachers and co-pupils. But overall I think hes really enjoyed his first week, he's certainly been coming home enthusiastic about his lessons and talking to us about it all which has been great. He might end up doing five A Levels instead of four as his Philosophy is now Philosophy/RE and should be two separate exams. His Philosophy teacher also said that if they do well they might be able to sit the Cambridge Entrance Exam which will help him greatly if he decides to go to University.

Kim has got on very well and is pleased that shes in the top Maths class this year. Shes not sure about Art at the moment but I'm sure it will be okay once she knows what shes meant to be doing.

Neil and I dashed out last night to try and get some sunset photos as yesterday was so warm and sunny but after dashing through the trees etc to get to the lake we just missed the sun going down!! Have to try another night!!! Don't think Lucy appreciated the mad dash in the near dark, she wasn't impressed!!

The weather today has not been so nice, no sun and needed a cardi for the first time in ages! We ended up going to Thetford Forest for our walk this morning and had a long walk there, met so many people who were trying to tire out their Springers!!!

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