Monday, 24 August 2009

Up and Running!

Had major issues with our computer for a few days, turned it on on Friday and nothing, absolutely dead so Neil had to rebuild the whole thing which has meant re-loading software etc etc which has taken a while. Unfortunately, although Neil backs up every month, we have lost alot of our data including my 2009 photos. We've done a data recovery but that hasn't worked. One good thing was that I had to buy Photoshop Elements 7 as our PSE5 had disappeared!!! There are quite alot of different things on the PSE7 compared to the PSE5 so am re-learning lots of techniques, think I overdid the sky on this one although it was a beautiful, hot sunny day yesterday!!!!
Saturday afternoon we had a lovely BBQ round our friends which went on into the evening! Yesterday we went for a long walk around Reepham and then stopped at Reepham Station Coffee Shop for a cuppa and a scone!! The afternoon was spent in the garden tidying it up, trips to the dump and trimming Lucy. Neil is back at work today after a week off and I'm now taking the kids to the dentist so fingers crossed they don't need anything major done.

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