Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sun, Sea and Sand!

Can you guess where I've been? Yesterday as it was such a lovely day here in Norfolk Neil and I decided to take Lucy for a walk on the beach for a change. In the summer months you are restricted abit more where you can take your dog which is fine, I wouldn't want a dog running around me when I was sunbathing!! So we went off to find a quiet spot and found one at Mundesley, hadn't been to this part of the beach before and other than one family (who had a Springer and a chocolate lab puppy!) we were the only people on the beach. Had a lovely long walk along the sand in the sun, took way too many photos, thought a big plastic bag was a seal(!!!).

Once we were home the fun didn't stop there, oh no. We went to Argos!!! We had to get a new microwave as ours had given up and we had had it for quite a while now. After that it was The Range to get some pickling jars. Then it was home again and Neil and I made some Courgette & Onion Chutney. Once again this year we have a glut of courgettes and onions and looks like we'll be snowed under with tomatoes soon! So we decided to see if we could make some chutney with said courgettes. Took a while. Alot of chopping and dicing and sterilising of jars etc etc but we got there in the end. The chutney actually looked like chutney by 9pm last night. Unfortunately we don't know if we will be able to eat it. Instead of one 'clove' of garlic Neil put in whole bulb of garlic and believe me the house reeks of garlic this morning! Anyone want to try some?!!!!!

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