Thursday, 20 August 2009

Road Trip to Denver

No, not Denver in the USA but Denver in Norfolk, UK!!! Yesterday Neil and I went out for the day abit further afield then we normally do. It was an absolutely scorching day so probably not the best time to be out and about inland. We stopped first at a town called Downham Market and had lunch there and looked around the shops. Only found one antique/junk shop but did manage to get a big piece of floral material in turquoise which I want to use as a back drop for some photos for £2.00. I took some photos yesterday but unfortunately when I was copying them into a different file they disappeared! We checked the recycle bin and did a recovery but couldn't find them so no photos to show you. If anyone knows of any other way to retrieve them please let me know.
We then drove to Denver to see the windmill (again did take photos!!) and then drove along the river to the Welney Wetlands Trust. This was a lovely place but it was way too hot to be walking around looking at birds swimming in the water!!! So jealous!!! We got home about 5pm, quick tea and then we took Kim to see the fireworks display at Great Yarmouth which started at 10. First though I managed to get some sunset shots taken over Breydon Water at Yarmouth then onto the sea front. I've never seen Yarmouth so packed it was great to see. Did get some photos this time. So a late night for me but still an early morning!!!

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