Monday, 17 August 2009

Photography Workshop

Judith and I went off to our one day Photography Workshop in the city today. Overall I think we both enjoyed the experience and being out of the house! But I think there were alot of elements of the day that were wasted and I personally came away with not having learnt very much or it could have been that I knew most of it anyway, probably need an advanced course I think.
We spent the morning going through all the buttons on the cameras then had a break for half an hour then we went outside and did some Macro photography and after that we walked down to the Millenium Bridge at Riverside. I think alot of us wanted to walk upto the Castle but don't think we had enough time. He then spent over half an hour talking about Photoshop which wasn't very good for the people who didn't have it!!!

The mural on the wall is at the education centre and shows alot of the places in Norwich past and present. We got someone to take a photo of Judith and I (its blurred so not my fault!!!) as we realised we havn't had a photo of us together since she was my bridesmaid in 1991!!!

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