Friday, 17 July 2009

What a storm!!

We had torrential rain, thunder and lightning in the night last night, one of the thunder noises was so loud and the rain started again this morning on our walk so got soaked but now the sun is out again, typical British Summertime!!!
Last day at school today, Kim finishes at 12pm so shes well happy - seven weeks off!!!! Neil has next week off as well so hoping to get out and about with the camera. Tuesday Kim and I are trying out a new hairdressers and getting a well deserved hair cut. Wednesday Kim might be taking me to see the new Harry Potter film! She went to see it with friends on Wednesday but wants to go again.
Finished my Photoshop Elements Lesson today. With this photo I've learnt how to do a Storyboard, Clipping Masks, Frames, Borders and Text!!!


cookcreateread said...

What lovely photos - they look perfect together in the storyboard! I love the addition of the frame too!

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Gorgeous, they are such fantastic photos too....