Saturday, 11 July 2009

Relaxing Weekend (so far!)

Been busy on the computer today learning some more about Photoshop which has been really slow work as our computer is terrible at the moment and its very frustrating when it takes minutes to open a photo!!! I managed to finish a layout this afternoon. I used a sketch from the Pencillines blog a couple of weeks ago I think it was. The photos are some of the ones that I've taken of the wild flowers seen out on our many walks!!

Went to the allotment last night with Neil, while he was picking some peas I was looking for a barn owl that had been spotted flying around the adjacent field but I didn't see it last night. Did take a piccie of our plot. The flowers on our onions are enormous. We have tons of peas coming through, the courgettes are now growing steadily (yellow and green ones), potatoes are ready, the corn is growing well and our squash is flowering.

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Sasha said...

First off what is goingon girl .. I know long time aye .. I see you been busy .. and I was reading and stuff LOL .. girl .. I love that mini .. I need to do more . ButI get so bored ugh .. I need to do it more .. and I love the layout that is the cutest thing ever ..

Hope you have a fab week boo.