Saturday, 13 June 2009

She's Home!!!

Got a phone call from Kimberley at 2pm yesterday saying they were home a bit earlier so I went and picked her up. A very tired and dirty young lady it has to be said but by the sounds of it she enjoyed it so thats the main thing. She got home and opened her birthday presents and was pleased at what she got and then it was time for a shower and dirty washing in the machine!! Because it was Alex's last GCSE exam yesterday and Kim's birthday Thursday we all went to our local Pizza Hut for tea which was lovely as it seems as if its only birthdays that we tend to all go out and eat together any more. I managed to get Kim to let me take a photo of her in the garden before we left wearing one of her new t-shirts. Don't think we'll see Kim before lunchtime today as she couldn't keep her eyes open in Pizza Hut!!!

On our walk yesterday I managed to get this photo before they saw us and ran away! So Cute! And will leave you with this photo of a very sulky Lucy! She welcomed Kim home and made a big fuss and then she went and sat out in the garden for ages and wouldn't come in! She did this when we all left her with Mum and Dad when we went to America for a couple of weeks a few years ago, obviously trying to pay us back for leaving her!!!

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