Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Warning: Could be a long post!!

Okay, got time now to tell you about Saturday!! Neil and I went to Pensthorpe, it was raining on the way there so not a good sign but stopped when we got there! It was absolutely packed. A friend and I went in April and there were only about a dozen of us there at £8.50 each so its amazing when its free entry and only £4.00 per car how many turn up. I know they have to make money for the conservation projects etc but think its too expensive at £8.50 each. We had a couple of hours to wonder around and try and take some photos before we had to leave at 12ish to get to my crop!!! There were lots of baby birds all about who were so cute!

Got back to the club in time to get the tables and chairs sorted out before Steph and her Mum from Indigo Mill came along with all their lovely stash! These alphabets are great and you must get some of these journalling spots. Didn't manage to get much done though as per usual, I did paint the covers and backs of two paper bag albums!! After the club it was a quick tidy up of the hall and then got home in time to make sure Alex was ready to be taken upto Holly's house for some photos and to wait for the limo.

The group of friends Alex went with are great, they get on so well and are very funny. Alex was the only one as you can see from the photos that didn't wear his tie and didn't tuck his shirt in! But thats Alex and he felt more comfortable like that.

Yesterday I used one of the paper bag albums and made a little mini book for my friend Angela whose lad Mat attended the Prom with Alex (he's the really tall one!). Alex and Mat have been friends since the first day they started school when they were five!!


Lavender stamper said...

p a p e r bag albums as in brown paper?
Is that what you had on Saturday? How do they work then?


Stephanie Parsloe said...

Ooooo Alison, those papers, sprouts and tickets look amazing!! I can't believe that you've already scrapped it from only taking the piccies on Saturday night! That is dedication. He looks fab, I bet you were so proud, and there were a couple of tears?
Thanks so much for having us, we had a great time, and look forward to popping over again soon, probably even without the shop!

Steph x