Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hanging Around

Been hanging around today for the Gas Man to come and change over the meter to a more modern one - due at 12pm came at 2.50pm!!! Took ten minutes!!! So, what do you do when your hanging around? Scrapping of course!!!! Did one layout and wanted to use some new glitter paint spray that I bought recently, tested it out first not too bad, used it on a layout, disaster, it went everywhere, came out in big blobs instead of a fine mist, one ruined layout. Did do these two though. Click on them for closer views.

Got a very busy weekend coming up. Saturday is my club day and we have Indigo Mill coming along with all her lovely stash for us to buy. After the club I have to take Alex upto his 'dates' house to wait for the Limo to take them to their Prom which is Saturday evening. All his friends who are also coming in the limo with them will be there as well so will be taking lots and lots of photos, it will be great to see Alex's friends all dressed up for a change!!
Alex's last day of lessons is today and tomorrow they go in for Leavers Assembly and then they finish at 10am!!! Can't believe that my little baby is finishing school!!! He will be going onto 6th Form for two years I know but still he's finishing school!!!!! Think his uniform will be thrown away when he gets home!!!

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