Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well its another Bank Holiday tomorrow, we do have alot of them in April and May but nobody's complaining! This weekend so far has been beautiful with today being hotter and sunnier, long may it last!! Yesterday Kim and I went into the city to get her a few bits and pieces she needs for her school camping trip in a couple of weeks but came away empty handed. Shes gone into the city again today but with her friend this time so fingers crossed she gets what she wants. Spent yesterday afternoon in the garden, weeding and putting some new bark out on the plants to freshen it up and moved my pots down onto the patio so I can see them from the kitchen window.

Today is my Mums birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!! I popped round with her card and a mini album I made for her (she got her main present last week!) and we then went with my Dad to a garden centre he knows about to get a few more plants for the garden so now off outside again to put them in pots and then I might just go sit outside on the decking with my book for a little while, while the house is quiet!! Its time the outdoor bean bags made an appearance this year!!

Took Lucy for a lovely walk this morning. We walked through this field full of buttercups so couldn't resist getting a photo but someone decided to come say hello!!!

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