Tuesday, 21 April 2009

How Cute are these!!!

We've had a couple of adult Doves flying around our garden for a few years and they make their nest in our eucalyptus tree for some reason! Unfortunately a couple of years ago when Neil and his Dad were chopping alot of the big branches down they disturbed the nest so we've been waiting to see if they would come back and nest in the tree again and they did this year. We noticed these two little Doves out on our wall at the weekend.

The kids went back to school yesterday and the sun came out!!! Been a lovely week so far and should get upto 17C today! Went for a very long walk with Lucy this morning so shes shattered and then I've been in the greenhouse pricking out some of my summer plants that have grown from seed. Got work in a while and then hoping to go into my craft room and sort some things out for my crop this Saturday. Got a layout on the desk to finish off and then will take a piccie.

We had to go and buy a new vacuum cleaner at the weekend as ours was just not picking anything up and you definitely need a good one when you have a dog! We got a very nice one which is abit heavy but the hose stretches up the stairs which is a bonus as my other one didnt. Its also got a very, very, very, good suction on it which I found out to my horror when it sucked up my mobile phone cord and stripped the plastic off it! I was so worried that it had mucked up my new vacuum but it was okay just the charger dead!!! The smell of burning was in the lounge for ages!!

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