Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Half way through the first week of the holidays already!

Where does time go? Half way through the first week already!! What have we been doing - Monday I went and bought the Twilight DVD and Kim and I watched it in the morning! Love that film!!! One of my all time faves along with Lord of the Rings (got to love that Aragorn!!!). Yesterday Kim and I picked Mum up and we went for a coffee at our local garden centre and then a trip to the craft shop where I was very good and didn't get anything although Mum bought me two pieces of new K&Co paper!!! The weather had been lovely until this morning when it started to rain but has stopped now so must get going and get Lucy out for a walk!!

Tried to do some scrapbooking yesterday but just couldn't concentrate for some reason or other. Might have another go today. Kim was at her friends last night for a sleepover so not sure when I'll see her today!!! Even Alex has been out nearly everyday!
Took some photos of Mum and Kimberley yesterday in Mums garden.