Friday, 17 April 2009

Got my camera back!

I was without my camera for a whole day!!! There were quite a few marks on the sensor which we couldn't get to so it had to be taken into a camera shop yesterday, cost £40.00!!! Anyway got it back last night and used it this morning to take a few piccies on our walk. The first photo is of Lucy and this is what happens when you have long ears and go flushing out pheasants in the brambles!!! Second photo is of some bluebells, on this walk there will be literally hundreds of bluebells out soon.

Here is how our allotment is looking at the moment, its nearly 3/4 full already! We've got potatoes in, carrots, peas, onions and a few other things, trying to persuade Neil to grow some type of fruit as well if he has the space.

I'm off out in a while with Jane and the twins to go to Lisa's Stamping Up Workshop - off to make some cards and eat some cupcakes I think!!! Will report back later.

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