Saturday, 7 March 2009

Morning All!!

The last few days seem to have flown by and now its the weekend again! Thursday I went out for the day with a friend - we headed into the city and had coffee and cake then a look round some of Norwich's more unusual shops for a change and then out to the countryside for a lovely lunch and we managed not to buy anything other than food!!! Sitting here drinking my cup of tea and wondering whether the weather is nice enough to go out with the camera this morning! Got a headache which started yesterday and didn't sleep too well with it so thinking a trip out might take my mind off it!. Want to go to Strumpshaw Fen as never been before and its not far from us.

This is a regular occurrance in our household! Thats my slipper and if they are not on my feet then they are in her mouth and outside!! The game is to chase her round the garden a few times then she brings it to me and she gets a biscuit, easy when you know how!!

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