Sunday, 15 March 2009

Gorgeous Spring Sunday!!

Yesterday was a really lovely sunny (most of the time!) and warm Spring day, a day where you feel so much better and happier because of the warmth and blue skies. Think it actually got upto about 14-15C!! Neil and I took Lucy on a new walk and it was fabulous, we were out for over two hours walking through woods and across fields. We saw deer, rabbits, squirrels, woodpecker, lots of birds and lots of pheasants! One very happy dog! Unfortunately Lucy came home abit worse for wear. She had cut her nose on brambles and her tail (a common thing) but she had also gone through some barbed wire and has taken a little chunk of her skin off her back. I've cleaned it up but think she might have to go to the vets to see if it needs stitching. At the moment shes feeling very tired and sorry for herself!!

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