Sunday, 1 March 2009

Family Generations

Kim and Alex are very lucky that they have a Great Grandmother. My Nanny Joyce. Shes been feeling abit down lately so Kim and I went to visit her yesterday to try and cheer her up. For some reason we got talking about clothes and sorting them out etc and Nan mentioned that shes a terrible hoarder of clothes and doesn't like to throw anything away. She then said that she still had a dress from 37 years ago!! We asked to see it of course! It was a dress that she got when we stopped in Fiji in 1972. My parents, my brother and my Nan and I emigrated out to New Zealand in 1972 and we got delayed for a day or two in Fiji hence the dress buying! It looked absolutely brand new and Kim couldn't wait to try it on!! It was a little big for her but she loved the 70's colours! Nan then found a photo of herself in the dress laying by the Fiji hotel swimming pool which she allowed me to take home so I can do a layout with it.

My Nan and Kim can also do this. Neil is the only other one in the family that can curl his tongue, the rest of us can't!!! Had to get a photo of them both together doing this.

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Lisa Martin said...

that's awesome. The dress is divine. The tongues are priceless