Wednesday, 18 February 2009


The half term week seems to be going by so quickly. Monday Kim and I went into the city for a few hours looking for a mirror for Kim's bedroom wall above her dressing table. We stopped at TKMaxx and she found one hidden behind an enormous mirror that she liked - black scrolls!! Then she found a pair of posh trainers as I call them cheaper than the normal shops so she had to have them! Yesterday was a trip to the library so Kim could choose a scary DVD for her and her friends for their sleepover last night - five of them altogether! They have now all gone into the city to the pictures so the house is quiet for a little while!

Took Lucy for a very long walk this morning, we were both shattered when we got back and havn't heard a peep from her!! Usually she follows me around the house or sits by my feet when I'm scrapping or on the computer! Took this photo this morning of Lucy standing by a gate. I had gone through one gate and she was sniffing somewhere else and went to the wrong one and stood there for ages just looking so sad until she sussed out where she had to go!!! Photos not the sharpest as I was laughing too much!!

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